• Knowledge Gateway Schools, an organization for innovative scheme of finance & commerce studies, has been engaged in research & development of a virtual investments' advisor for traders and investors

  • Team started to analyze big market data in 2019 with basic algorithms that needed a number of manual inputs and worked with an accuracy of 78%

  • AI integration was performed in December, 2022 with a 61% success rate due to certain limitations and restrictions on LLMs available

  • Our Mentors and expert analysts devised 11 key inputs after 200 days of meticulous research and coding that passes a stream of readings to generate signals after raw analysis of market data by AI. The experts cross examine the data to validate signals

  • KGS launched its research and development project in April, 2023 in the name of KOHENOOR TECHNOLOGIES, the LLC was registered latter in the same year in USA by the founder & CEO Prof. Ahmad Bilal Khan

  • In July 2023, we successfully tested the model with 91% accuracy and started developing our ecosystem for presenting to the world our version HyFi, a new realm of finance along with needed tech-tools

  • Stepping into web3 and the DeFi world, KGS picked up cryptocurrencies for testing. The extreme volatility was an attraction for the team to test the model

  • Pinning Bitcoin, team started sharing weekly ranges on a public platform, Binance Square, by the world's largest crypto exchange with an accuracy recorded at 90%+ in 21 weeks.  [Follow us on Binance Square]

  • KOHENOOR KEN, our DeFi token, was launched in 2023 on POLYGON network as our native payment token and on BNB Smart Chain as the native R&D token for B2B Mudharba partnerships

  • Closed TESTNET for prototype has been made available on Web and Android (Google Play) since March, 2024

  • Full version is under development and is estimated to be publicly available in October, 2025

  • The first prototype which is being made available to public is named as KEN-FI (Kohenoor Finance). The prototype app, KEN-FI, will be available to public for testing in July 2024

  • KEN-FI will offer stock / crypto insights, news updates, and essential calculators for planning trades and investments

  • Users can subscribe to our premium services and earn a massive ROI

  • Users earn KEN for using our app and following us on social media

  • KOHENOOR TECHNOLOGIES is partnering with Microsoft for Startups and important developments are available on Github

Summary of Key Events: