Open Testnet: Deployed for Web & Android


  • Knowledge Gateway Schools, an organization for tech. research and studies in finance & commerce, has been engaged in research & development of a virtual investment advisor for traders and investors in financial markets and business ventures

  • Our accomplished team started to analyze big market data in 2019 with basic algorithms that needed a number of manual inputs and worked with an accuracy of 78%. The basic model kept on improving with each passing year.

  • AI integration to our system was implemented in December, 2022 with 61% success rate due to certain limitations and restrictions on LLMs available publicly. Majority of these models come up with obsolete data for analysis.

  • Our Mentors and analysts devised 11 key inputs after 200 days of meticulous research and coding that passes a stream of readings to generate trade signals. The raw analysis of market data performed by AI is delivered to the experts to cross examine the data and validate signals

  • Following in-house pilot testing, KGS launched its R&D project in April, 2023 in the name of KOHENOOR TECHNOLOGIES, the LLC was registered latter in the same year in USA by the founder & CEO, Prof. Ahmad Bilal Khan.

  • In July 2023, we successfully tested the model with 91% accuracy and started developing our ecosystem for presenting to the world our vision of HyFi, a new realm of finance that takes CeFi and DeFi and take them both to the next level. Development started on the tech-tools needed to achieve the gigantic goal

  • Stepping into web3 and the DeFi world, KGS picked up cryptocurrencies for testing. The extreme volatility was an attraction for the team to test the model. Pinning Bitcoin, team started sharing weekly ranges on a public platform, Binance Square, on the world's largest crypto centralized exchange. Accuracy recorded: 90%+ in 24 weeks.  [Follow us on Binance Square]

  • KOHENOOR KEN, our DeFi token, was launched in 2023 on POLYGON network as our native payment token and on BNB Smart Chain as the native R&D token for B2B Mudharba partnerships. Closed TESTNET for prototype has been made available on Web and Android (Google Play) since March, 2024 which will be followed by the open testnet in June, 2024.

  • Full version is under development and is estimated to be publicly available in October, 2025. The first prototype which is made available to public is named as KEN-FI (Kohenoor Finance). The prototype app, KEN-FI, will be available to public for testing in June 2024

  • KEN-FI will offer stock / crypto insights, news updates, and essential calculators for planning trades and investments

  • Users can subscribe to our premium services to earn a massive ROI

  • Users earn KEN for using our app and following us on social media

  • KOHENOOR TECHNOLOGIES is partnering with Microsoft for Startups and important developments are available on Github

Our Mentors & Students

Mentors partner with the students for training them on assets management. Our students contribute funds and bind themselves in a Mudharba based documented partnership with the mentor who manages the funds for students in a transparent way. This has yielded phenomenal growth for both the mentors and the students over the years. Average annual growth is recorded at 61% which is more than double of what the world's top funds offer. The partnership is time bound and usually lasts for a quarter at minimum and one full year at maximum.

Our Subscribers

Our subscribers are individuals, institutions and organizations who avail services from KGS and wish to contribute in developing the ecosystem can also be our partners. They can invest in our school and receive share of profits earned by the school through its educational and counseling ventures. In the first quarter of the year, our return exceeded 50% when annualized. The partnership is time bound and usually lasts for a quarter at minimum and one full year at maximum.

Ecosystem Developers

Holders of our native token (KEN) are also our partners. They receive rewards and airdrops for building our ecosystem and assisting us in expansion of our blockchain project. The long term holders can also get the returns in other currencies provided they are KYC verified.

Microsoft for Startups

Kohenoor is proud to partner with the technology giant and is pleased to use the premium AI tools and software development platforms by Microsoft.

Deotech Solutions, Development Partner

Kohenoor is partnering with Deotech Solutions, India for the development of its apps and websites.

Our Partners